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“Thousands are being forced to leave London because their local authorities can’t find them homes and people on middle incomes can’t acquire a place where anyone would want to raise a family…. The spaces for上海千花坊网 work that are an essential part of the city’s economy are being squeezed, its high streets diminished, its pubs and other everyday places closing. It is suffering a form of entropy whereby the distinctive or special is converted into property values. Its essential qualities, which are that it was not polarised on the basis of income, and that its best places were common property, are being eroded. It is becoming the case that delights and beauties are available only at a high price.” That said, if the price is one you can afford, here’s “a guide to the best hotels, sights and eats” in the formerly dodgy neighborhoods that are “now magnets for Londoners and tourists alike.” It’s all about perspective, I guess.